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Milado Ltd. make following services, connected with registration and reconstruction:

  • Choice of legal organization legal form;
  • Registration court and tax National Social Security Institute and National Statistic Institute;
  • Constitute deeds, by laws and membership agreements;
  • Management contracts;
  • Changes in the legal status;
  • Transformation of companies;
  • Transfer of shares;
  • Termination and liquidation.

Ltd. MILADO perform legal services and advice on:

  • law for the recovery of property disposed of certain properties ZTSU, ZPINM, ZBNM, ZDI, ZS;
  • law for recovery of ownership of some shops, workshops, warehouses, workshops;
  • law for recovery of ownership of forests and forestry land;
  • Law on Cooperatives;
  • law for the expropriation of Edrei covered city property;
  • law on nationalization of private industrial and mining enterprises;
  • law to ,owners odarzhaveni;
  • law on management and use of agricultural land.
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